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Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use

In order to use this website, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use for this service as specified by the Company. If you are unable to comply with any part of these Terms and Conditions, please do not use our website. If you continue to use and browse any of the information appearing on this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Use, which are legally binding.

Intellectual Property Rights
Allianz Ayudhya General Insurance Public Company Limited (“the Company”) owns all the intellectual property and information contained in this website, whether it be copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, or any other intellectual property right, unless explicitly stated otherwise. To copy, transfer, reproduce, modify, distribute or use any of the information herein, whether in whole or in any part for commercial or any other purposes other than for the purpose of determining whether to use the Company’s services, without the prior written consent of the Company, is a violation of the intellectual property rights of the Company.

Use of Information and Materials
The information and materials displayed on this website are not intended to provide expert advice. Therefore, the Company reserves the right to update and make changes to the information and materials contained on this website, as well as the Terms and Conditions contained herein at any time as deemed appropriate by the Company without prior notice, and it is your responsibility to monitor for changes or updates.

External Website Links
This website may contain links to websites that are independently maintained by third-parties, including links to websites offering software downloads. These links are for the purpose of providing information and for your convenience only. The Company neither endorses nor guarantees the accuracy of the content of third-party sites, nor does it endorse or recommend the information contained on those sites. If you decide to access these linked sites, or to download information or software from these sites, this constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and the security policies of the linked websites, as well as your acceptance of sole responsibility for the use of said sites. The Company shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage arising from such actions.

Content Disclaimer
The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, purpose, absence of computer viruses, usability of the information for any particular purpose, or the reliability of any information appearing on this site. As such, it is your responsibility to analyze and consider any risks that may arise from your use of this site.

Limitation of Liability
The Company shall not be held liable to any person for any damages, whether direct, indirect, exemplary, incidental, or consequential (including, but not limited to, lost profits, delays or disruptions to business, computer viruses, loss of data or programs, or any other information in your chosen system) arising from either the use of or inability to use any part of the information displayed on this website or any linked sites. The Company assumes no obligation to provide a prior warning, even if the Company has been informed that such damages may occur.

Privacy Policy
The Company recognizes the importance of safeguarding your personal information, and uses a secure, reliable, standardized security system in the storage of any and all personal information. Your personal information will not be used in any way other than the improvement of our insurance services, marketing, the development of products, or the conduct of business only.

Governing Law
Use and interpretation of the Terms and Conditions of Use of this website shall be in accordance with the applicable Thai laws. If you are using this website in a country other than Thailand, you are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws in that country.

Other Terms
In the event that the Terms and Conditions of Use stated here are inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions for another service, you should first abide by the Terms and Conditions stated on the page consistent with that service. If any part of these Terms and Conditions of Use is incomplete or unenforceable, the remainder of the Terms and Conditions stated here shall remain in full force and effect.